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Dancer and Performer

Above Zero

Beyrouth 2014, Tunisie 2015, Pays-Bas 2015, France 2017.Belgique 2018 Dancer

is a dance theatre performance in which Koon Theatre Group gathers dancers,actors and musicians; starting from a Syrian story,
where the time is set on the rhythm of cannons and the space is sized by the surface of a refugee camp.
The team enters a quest about human beings in the times of war.

Drops of water and more

Syria and Netherlands 2007. Dancer

consisted partly out of a training program and partly out of a performance process,
that led to the performance in a double bill with a work of Lawand Hajo,
choreographer and artistic director of the Syrian company Ramad Dance.
The choreographers of Le Grand Cru were inspired by both
the archaic and  modern character of life they encountered in the capital of Damascus.

Like history and present are folding together.
Through metaphors the choreographers show personal stories of the dancers in the complexity of modern Arab life.

Risaleh was presented during 400 years of consular relations between the Netherlands and Aleppo.
The premiere took place in Aleppo,
continued by a performance in the old neighbourhood Baptuma in Damascus
and had a Dutch tour during the Dancing on the Edge Festival.

Sukoon” stillness

Syria 2005 dancer

Theatrical performance (Sukoon) is one of my first artistic works on the stage
that I presented with the theatrical group Ashes(Ramad)for Contemporary Arts,which I participated in as a dancer,
where I experienced the theatre for the first time, and I have not stopped since then,
as I combined dance, gymnastics and acrobatic movements

Sukoon is a show that talks about Arab and Syrian society in particular,
about the most important details in our daily lives and how we face them,
from the oppression of patriarchal authority, to the idea of complete physical freedom for all.

Choreography: Lownd Hajo

My fingers will touch the sun

 Syrie 2006 dancer

It is also a theatrical performance with the Ramad Troupe for Contemporary Art,
which I participated in as a dancer

About the Syrian novelist and writer Colette Khoury,
featuring different artistic dance scenes,
about love, regret, doubt and jealousy,

Choreography: Lownd Hajo

Tabel and Tara

Doha 2006 dancer

My first mixed theatrical performance with many artists from the Arab world that combines acting and dance,
presented at the opening ceremony of the Asian Olympics in Doha,
which talks about art in all its forms and forms and its impact on Arab culture

Forgotten Love letter

Doha, Algérie, Amman 2007. Dancer

A theatrical performance, acting and dancing,
that talks about the journey of the Sufi scholar Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi after his death, and his search for his grave.

Who will open the Door

Syria and Netherlands  2007. Dancer

A journey in search of answers to questions we have always had in mind,
especially in politics at a time when the Middle East and Syria in particular were under political pressure and boring social stagnation.
This beautiful and heavy city ,We put forward some hypotheses, who will open the door?

Prepare graphs

Syrie 2010 Dancer and Director

Preparing graphic forms, it is an experimental theatrical performance, dealing with dyslexia in children,

After knowing my friend Ali for two years, I also got to know Ali’s little brother Youssef.
Youssef is a child with dyslexia syndrome. Then I learned that he needed a private school to receive lessons that suited his condition,
but unfortunately in Syria there are no such schools, and Youssef used to go daily to regular school,
Youssef always notices the difference, and is exposed to bullying and indifference.
This is what prompted me to shed light in one way or another on the case of Youssef, and of course the thousands of similar cases,
The show dealt with the pure fantasies of Yusef, who performed in the show,
some of his games and fantasies, without restrictions or decorations or interference from anyone,
The show is about Ali, an actor from Syria, and his brother Youssef. On the other hand,
I and my brother Abdullah are the same age as Youssef.

We put them together in almost daily rehearsals to discover what is going on between them,
what is the result and how Abdullah dealt with Youssef and vice versa,
by listening to some music and performing some exercises and games,
we discover, after about two months of activity, according to the testimony of parents and Ali, that Youssef feels better,
especially from a psychological point of view. We have built around him a safe environment where he can share any idea,
even if it is different and unruly, with us and then with the public in all transparency, without judgments, wonderment or bullying.

We see through the twenty-minute show, which is inside a consulting center for sexual diseases in Damascus,
Youssef's world is full of imagination and pure innocence, and we coordinate with some dances with live music to fuse with dances, stories and songs.
Youssef is now still in Damascus after 12 years of the show and after the years of the war,
which was very harsh on him, he did not complete his studies for sure,

he is still firm and resistant, and he is now working with his father in a textile shop,