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2023 Amphibious is a film about Khaled’s integration into a new city whose culture and language are foreign to him. As the story progresses, Khaled tries to connect with his environment by adopting a fish, which is like a symbol of his search for identity and belonging. Amphibious is a metaphor for this journey, and underlines the idea that life is a continuous process of adaptation and transformation, during which the boundaries between different states of existence are often blurred and uncertain. It is a testament to the resilience of human thought in the face of isolation and alienation.



(Hello, I am Yaman, an inventor, I came up with the idea of a super invention that could change my life) 

With this phrase, the film opens, where Yaman narrates in a world of childlike supernatural objects made of watercolours and handicrafts,
and a cinematic decor made of cardboard papers and putty in the formation of things and objects.

The viewer continues to listen to what the child (Yaman) says about himself.

I began to experiment with video after the Internet became more available in Syria, so I began to discover contemporary artists such as Bill Viola and Marina Ibrahimovic,
in addition to my participation in some workshops in Damascus with Syrian artists who studied abroad,
and also my visit to some exhibitions of modern art when I began to travel for Theatrical performances, outside Syria,

Fifty Syrian Pounds

And I made many short videos that shed light on the problems of the local community in Syria,
such as violence against women and children, the right to education, and sexual freedom.


In the late 2010s, due to the circumstances of the Syrian revolution and then the war,
my artistic activity stopped completely,I came back in 2014 To work in the theatre in Beirut,

Fade To Black


The uprising movement in Syria was stolen by the extremists, this short pixilation Film,
tells how the Syrian people's lives turned to black, how their dreams were shattered,
and how their future can no longer be thought of.

This movie is one minute, but it shows a whole year I lived in the city of Raqqa in 2013,
Where everything changed, from revolution and freedom to darkness by the group (ISIS)


(Kino film Off-Courts Trouville) 2018

My participation in the Kino film Off-Courts Trouville France,

At that particular time I was working on my papers to apply for asylum in France,
and this is what I faced a great challenge for me, that I reached a safe country in the end,
but I felt that I was not welcomed by workers in government departments,
but not the nice bakery owner who shouts at My face in the morning when I enter his shop,
in a very loud and welcoming voice (Bonjour Monsieur)

This movie simply tells about what helps me to keep me going, my love for the little things like food, music and friends.